Del Amo Superfund Site Environmental Review Team (Del Amo ERT)
A cooperative project involving USEPA, California DTSC, the City of Los Angeles, and the Del Amo Respondents


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Welcome to this information website for the Del Amo Superfund Site located in Los Angeles, California. You may have been directed to this site because you are planning a construction project or other activity that involves site grading or soil excavation on property that is within the boundaries of this 280-acre federally-supervised site.


As part of a pilot project in cooperation with the City of Los Angeles, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX (USEPA) has identified selected areas within the Del Amo site where an environmental review process must be performed before projects involving site grading, trenching, drilling or other excavation activities are undertaken. The City is assisting USEPA by flagging these projects when applications are filed for building, grading and excavating permits.


The purpose of the review is to protect human health and the environment by:

  1. Identifying environmental concerns associated with known or suspected residual soil contamination in areas of proposed excavations, grading or construction;
  2. Where appropriate, developing workable mitigating measures to address those concerns; and
  3. Identifying contaminant-related use or other restrictions that may apply.

The review will be conducted whenever planned excavation will extend deeper than 1.5 feet below ground surface. For permit applications that involve no excavation or excavation of no more than 1.5 feet, no environmental review and clearance by USEPA will be necessary. When development activities are situated where previous sampling and risk analysis have reliably determined that no adverse health impacts exist, no follow-up actions are anticipated. For locations where development activities coincide with possible residual contamination or where physical obstructions have prevented testing, additional soil sampling may be required. If soil sampling indicates the presence of contamination above threshold levels, remedial action may be required prior to initiation of construction, or additional safety measures may be needed to protect construction workers.


The environmental review process must be completed as part of your project. It is important that information regarding your project be provided at the earliest possible date to USEPA and its Del Amo ERT. Early communication of project information to the Del Amo ERT will help avoid delays.

Please complete and submit this form (online, printable). You will be contacted by Del Amo ERT shortly afterward to let you know that the form has been received and that the review process has been initiated. Information will be requested from you at that time regarding the location(s) and depth(s) of planned excavations. Please have this information available. If you are not contacted by Del Amo ERT within 1 business day of submittal of the form, then please call this number, (562) 354-0870, to follow up. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.